S2 Episode 1: Snow Making

S2 E2 - Scallop Draggin’

S2 E3: Blueberry Pickin’

S2 E4: Maine Hunting Outfitter

Episode 1-Organic Farming

Teagan heads up to Tide Mill Farms in Edmunds to an EIGHTH generation farm to meet the Bells and learn about dairy, chickens, hacky sack and what exactly do you do with all the cow manure laying around?!?

Episode Two-White Water Raft Guiding 

Teagan heads up the golden road to look Maine's wildest river the Penebscot, eye to eye and say "River...I shall raft the f*** out of you! for your waves are mighty and river bends very....well...bendy!" We join raft guide Andy on some "shenanigans" and tent out in the wilderness...of the camp site!

Episode 3: Craft Beer Brewing

I suggest (if you're over 21) to crack open your favorite ice cold hauss, get sideways and enjoy watching the craft of craft beers here in Maine! We head to Shipyard where they for some reason trusted me to make their classic Export ale, learn what's happening in Bangor with Geaghan Bros and talk with some taste rooms! I suggest 21+ers to make a drinking game out of it, shotgun a beer every time I mention Bud Light Lime should be fun ;) 

                   EPISODE 4: Commercial Fishing

Friggin haulin traps guy! We board the anticipation with captain Mike "Don't make me look fat" cota out of Harpswell to bait traps and set gear in search for Maine gold AKA Lobsters! Learn about Maine aquaculture and oyster farming with Robin Hood Cove oysters and slurp down Maine's finest and most DELICIOUS mucus textured mollusks! 

EPISODE 5: Hunting/Conservation

the season 1 finale! Teagan explores Maine's backwoods and deep hunting traditions as well as working with the IFW doing bear research! Go on a moose hunt, find wild bear dens, and learn about the responsibility of stewardship and conservation of our lands!moose and deer and bears oh  my!!