"From Away" is the idea of creator and host Teagan Wright. Born and raised in Maine, Teagan has made a living in the trade work here in the state as a stern man and carpenter over the years. He has also pursued his interest and passion for TV and Film production working in LA and NYC both behind and in front of the camera. Teagan has hosted national shows for NBC as well as Sports Illustrated and a slew of national commercials but where this idea was really cemented was on his stint on a reality show that will remain nameless...*cough* "Mystery Diners" *cough*

It's there in the months of working on garbage lowest common denominator "reality" TV (no offense?)that Teagan came up with the idea to do a documentary series where the "drama" isn't manufactured BS but actual real life and hard work of the place he loves more than any other...Maine! 

I (just for the record even though its said "Teagan" and "he" I've been writing this the whole time. I don't have like some assistant or something writing this on my behalf, it's just me....writing in the third person ;) have a lot of pride for where I am from and the abundant lifestyles and trades/hobbies here. I wanted to make a funny, engaging and informative series that we can ALL be proud of even if I tend to swear and drink too much from time to time. Sorry Mom. 

The show is completely independent and through the support and generosity of people through out the State I was able to successfully complete a Kickstarter campaign to fund the first 5 episode season. I direct, produce, write, host and edit the show.  I hire a bad ass Maine film crew for camera and audio and we travel the ENTIRE state bringing you stories and an intimate look into the lives of people, basically just doing really cool s***! 

Above all else I thank you from the GD bottom of my heart, your interest and support of this series means so much and I am incredibly grateful for it! If you like the series and want it to continue the best thing you can do is like the page on FB and share it on social media, tell a friend and of course purchase a copy of the series! Thank you thank you thank you, I promise to continue to dedicate myself to making the best possible content for you! XOXOXO